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Sex Offender Treatment



Meeting Times:

One Hour Every other Week 

26 sessions of group therapy for 1 year.
Initial Assessment Appointment: $125.00

Group Therapy: $40.00 (bi-weekly).

Deferred Payment Plan, for those just released from prison and/or unemployed.
PURPOSE: The purpose of the program is to provide a treatment resource to the community for the treatment of sex offenders.
POPULATION SERVED: Sex offenders, late-adolescence to adult.
REFERRAL SOURCES: Area law enforcement, social and human services and community members, including sex offenders seeking non-mandated treatment .
PHILOSOPHY: The philosophy of the program is to provide agency and consumer friendly treatment. Monthly reports are mailed to the sponsoring agency regarding their client's progress and attendance. Each client is treated with respect; as an individual requiring psychological help. Flexibility is emphasized and each individual's unique circumstances are taken into account in the development of the treatment plan.
TREATMENT GOAL: The treatment goal is to teach the sexual offender how to intervene in his/her deviant cycle to prevent further offending. In addition, the client learns how to manage daily stress more effectively and improve the overall quality of his/her life.
FORMAT: The primary format, for male offenders, is Group Therapy. Group therapy helps the offender to keep his offense in the open and as the primary reason for treatment. This also allows the offender to develop a therapeutic alliance with the therapist and other group members and increase the incentive to succeed.

Female offenders participate in Individual Therapy.

Individual and family therapy is provided as a component of some treatment plans, according to the client's unique circumstances. Psychiatric referral is available for offenders who might require psychiatric evaluation and/or medications. Psychological assessment services are also available.
LENGTH OF TREATMENT: Treatment length is indefinite and is adjusted according to the offender's unique circumstances. It can run from six months, for assessment and less intense treatment, to years for more intense treatment. 

In most cases, with the Probation Officer's agreement, the Offender will complete 26 sessions of group therapy over a 1-year period. During the year, the client will complete a Sex Offender Polygraph Examination. If the Offender successfully completes the Polygraph examination, he/she will receive an Abbreviated Sexual Offender Risk Assessment at the conclusion of therapy. If the Offender is deemed not a risk to him/herself or others, he/she will be released from the program.
 Typically, it takes approximately one year to complete the individualized program of treatment, which is based upon harm reduction to the community and improving the offender's life by teaching problem-solving, decision-making, stress reduction, and relationship enhancement skills.  
Group members are never graduated from the program without the concurrence of their probation officers or other authorities and relapse prevention treatment may be recommended.
A polygraph examination is required by the Department of Corrections for individuals on sex offender probation.
If an individual shows deception on a  polygraph examination, continued group therapy participation and satisfactory completion of a subsequent polygraph examination will be required, and the individual will not be released from the program until it is clear the individual is no longer a danger to others.

Comprehensive Sexual Offender Risk Assessment: Various subjective and objective instruments are used, including The Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest-3™ (AASI-3), which is a comprehensive evaluation and treatment tool that provides baseline data, treatment planning guidance, and can evaluate treatment progress.   © This assessment will help identify the offender's age-range sexual interests, cognitive distortions, and mitigating factors that might influence the legal process.
FEES: Payable in Advance 

Group Therapy: $40.00 per session

Group Therapy: Initial Assessment; $125.00


Comprehensive Sexual Offender Risk Assessment; $150.00 per hour 

(Includes Clinical Interview, Objective Testing, Diagnosis, Clinical Opinion, Recommendations,Treatment Suggestions and Written Formal Report. 10 hours, paid in advance. Additional time/testing/consultation/report writing, if necessary, billed at $150.00 per hour. 

(Meets State requirements to initiate the process for supervised relationships with minors and/or internet access).

Court Testimony: $200.00 per hour (3 hours paid in advance).

 Treating Sex Offenders in the Sarasota/Manatee County Area for 28 years.


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