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The future depends onwhat you do in the present.
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How Old Are You?

 How Old Are You?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

I am 25, 691 days old. It is a Tuesday but it is not really Tuesday. For me, it is the 25,691st day of my life. It is a brand new day! For most of us, “Tuesday,” or any other day of the week, for that matter, has a certain connotation, dating back to each Tuesday we have ever experienced. Certain things happen on Tuesday; it is the second day of the standard work (or school) week; we are really in to the work week, until “hump day,” Wednesday. Thursday means only one more day until Friday, as we pick up in anticipation of the weekend. Friday, we are energized! It’s the last day of the week! We will be free at the end of the day!

Saturday is a good day! Even though each Saturday is circumscribed to certain activities; shopping, mowing the lawn, washing the car, home maintenance, we feel free!  We can be spontaneous! We can do whatever we like! Saturday night is great! We can go out to eat, see a movie, dancing, whatever, or just sit at home and stay up late. Sunday is not as glorious; it is the day before we return to work; Yuk! But there might be church, religious services, brunch! Maybe sports Sunday afternoon, then early to bed Sunday night, so we’re ready for work on Monday. Bummer!

But do we need to be defined by what has become each day’s regular activities? Isn’t each day an actual “new” day? One thing is for sure; it is one more day towards the end of our lives. As someone said about toilet paper, “the role goes faster the closer to the end,” as do the days of our lives; just ask someone who is 25,691 days old. The days do go by faster and the way we celebrate each day becomes more meaningful. Is health an issue? Is age an issue? Do we have interests we have not yet pursued?

At the age of 7,665 days, life seems as if it will go on forever. We are just getting into the work world, we are “in love,” thinking of starting, or adding to, a family, considering our hopes and dreams, making plans! Guess what? Read the Obituaries. People your age also die, even when they don’t expect it. Does anyone expect it? It must be in our essence that we don’t anticipate too much of the future, then, suddenly, it is over. Life is good! Was life good?

What are you doing towards achieving your hopes and dreams? Are you the person you want to be? Are you limiting yourself based upon what has transpired over each previous day of your life? Are you using your own mind to make your own decisions and seeing what new and wondrous places following your own path is taking you, or are you doing what you think others have told you to do, and limiting yourself? As one who is 25,691 days old, I can assure you that time goes by in a flash! When you read this, I will be even older. Where did the time go?


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