Dr. Jim Benedick

Feeling depressed, anxious, hopeless? You're at the point that you've tried everything you can think of and nothing has worked? Are you feeling more and more stressed? Whether a long-standing mental health problem or something that has just cropped up, interfering with your important relationships and daily activities, I can help by introducing solutions and supporting you as you work your way to the life you want. A lot of times, simple changes in the way you communicate with your significant others can improve bad relationships quickly, improve your self-esteem, and get you back on the path of accomplishing your life goals.

My name is Jim Benedick and I have been helping people identify and achieve their life goals for the past 42 years. In the process, my clients have learned to control their thinking, reduce unnecessary stress in their lives, build the satisfying relationships that they are searching for, and learn how to act on real threats and control irrational fears and anxieties.

If you need someone to help you over a hump, let me know. I can be reached by phone, text, email, or through my website.  Just click on " Schedule Appointment ."

I am a licensed clinical social worker with degrees in Social Work and Counseling Psychology and a proven track record.

If you would like to learn more, follow the website and my articles.

I accept most insurances. Check with your plan.

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